Definitely Lost in Thought…

 Definitely Lost in Thought…

One of these days…

i’m definitely going to find a good enough reason for me to get out of bed…

Because with each day that passes..

i find myself going around circles doing the same routine  over.. and over.. and over…

Eat.. Sleep… Duty.. Sleep… Eat..

Gruesome as my demise may be…

i’m too lazy to get up.. pack up my S#!t.. and get my life together..

Funny how i contradict myself a lot..

I complain..

I rant..

I forget..

Random thoughts keep leaking out..

Here and there… Where did i last see them?

The cluttered pieces of thought that cease to make sense even when glued together..

Mosaic?.. Collage?.. Scrap Art?..



Could be..

I’m not sure..

What was i talking about again?

Hmm.. I could just be thinking out loud.. Maybe..

Ack… Forget it.. It wasn’t that important to begin with…

… … …

~Just another day… haha… (0.o)


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