Let It Rain

i’m pretty sure that a lot of us have gone through a rainy day (duh?!). Still, i can’t help but wonder  why the rain comes and goes as it pleases. After a few hours of thought (i really didn’t have anything better to do today.. Haha.. XD), i have come to a few conclusions.

First, the rain hates school and whenever it feels like crashing a school day it’d simply declare a personal holiday.. XD. This is pretty much what most slackers (like me of course.. Hehe..) are looking forward to when they’re neck deep in schoolwork. On another note, the rain is a total jackass when it does come but still forces me to go school braving through the elements (puddles, mud, and all.. FRICK!! Haha..)

Secondly, I’ve had a lot of days when i came to really hate the rain; especially on days when it chose to rain on my parade.  And because of that, i figured that the rain is an evil wench who hates it when other people (including me..) are under the lime light. :P

But other than the obvious, i’ve found something very interesting about rain.

On some occasions, the rain would just so happen to join you in your lament (or “grief” for comprehension’s sake.. :P haha)..

In truth, i’m a person who finds difficulty in expressing how i feel. And because of this i find my self doing things that would normally label me as lunatic (don’t bother asking.. Hahaha..) just so i can get by. But on days when i’ve felt like i’ve hit rock bottom, the rain joined me as i wallowed in all my guilt and remorse.

And after a while..

i found myself at peace..

I didn’t really know why, but even with all the sleazy crap that was running through my head,  i suddenly stopped tormenting myself..

There was no anger.. no regret.. just peace..

i’m not really sure how all this had happened..

’cause i was just sitting there and staring at the rain..

Eventually, the rain stopped..

I couldn’t really explain it so i’m just gonna put a few words together..

my final epiphany is kinda short.. But here goes..

“No Rain.. No Rainbow” Ü

— — —

It’s a pretty good metaphor and it also works in a literal sense.. Haha.. :P


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