The Payback

At what price are you willing to pay in order to bring your enemy down a couple of sizes? I’m not a mind reader, but by any chance would you’re reply be anything like..

“whatever it takes”.. “at all costs” ???.. Maybe..

But what if i told you that there isn’t a high price to pay for sweet succulent revenge? Would you bite?

First of all, why would you like to crush this so called antagonist of yours?  I’m asking because i would sincerely like to know why.. (well not really… but amuse me.. Haha.. XD)..

I can probably give you a few good reasons why.. but first let me build-up my character.. ahem.. hehe.. In truth, i’m not a hateful person.. really.. (haha.. :P) but i do have my fair share of enemies. And for whatever reason they may have to hate me.. screw them.. Nyahahaha! (i’m one evil bastard aren’t i? hihi..) True enough, no sane human could dig up all that hate towards someone who’s just being himself. If they hate you for whatever you are, then so be it. Its their loss.. and it just shows-off their depth and insecurities.. Haha.. But sometimes these annoying pieces of trash can’t be ignored. ‘Coz in those itty-bitty things that they would like to call a brain, they find satisfaction in trashing everything and anything.. you..

They may try to strike you down.. they may try to make you look like a fool in front of everybody.. they may even try and prove everything you say wrong ‘coz they want everyone to know that they know oh-so-much.. (sarcasm rocks.. don’t it?.. Hahaha).. and thing that i really hate about these people is when they try to manipulate stories to make it seem like you are the antagonist.. now that’s a bitch.. Haha.. I really hate those s#!t spun stories.. It takes me forever to clean them up.. Hahaha..

And when those bitches mess with my credibility, they have just crossed the fine line of my patience. And it makes me wanna take a ride and run ’em over.. and over.. and over.. and when they’re all “i-can’t-run-‘coz-you-broke-my-legs” (boohoo.. hehe..).. i’m gonna tie ’em up real good and take ’em on ride across town (don’t expect that i’d put ’em in the backseat or even in the trunk!!).. and when the ride’s done.. i’m gonna find a nice group of dogs and make them crap all over their sorry corpses.. Nyahahaha!!! (i told you that i was one evil bastard.. Nyahaha)

But doing all that is just a hassle.. Seriously..

and after a huge amount of time spent thinking and couple enemies later (i’m not a hate~able person.. believe me.. Haha.. :P).. i’ve found the coolest way to get back at them.. and you don’t have to lift a single finger.. i’m saying this in a literal sense with no metaphoric implications whatsoever!… The best way to get back at them is to simply chill and relax.. I swear.. i’m not lying to you.. All you have to do is to pay no attention to whatever s#!tty thing those s#!tty people throw at you.. just be patient.. and wait for my method to work its magic..

Soon enough.. other people will see your enemy for what “It” really is.. Things will slowly go your way and you’ll see that people are slowly switching sides and that they’ll begin to see things your way (that your enemy is one MotherF****** cow-biatch!!).. and it’ll be too late for your enemy to figure out that “It” dug its own S#!T-filled grave.. bwahahaha!!

Credibility.. respect.. dignity.. “It” wouldn’t have anything left to call itself human.. Nyahahaha!!

See?! Getting back and getting even never seemed so simple..

Just chill.. relax.. and enjoy.. Nyahahaha! (0_o)

(Degrading and devaluing people is fun.. you should try it.. Hahaha.. XD)


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