The Road So Far

Looking back at everything that’s happened i can’t help but feel all the fatigue creeping over me. I look back at the 20 years and i find myself knee-deep in that crap which, surprisingly, i made all by my self.

But those 20 years weren’t a complete bust. I can pretty much sum it up in one cheezy line which goes by “i have lived, loved, and lost” (LMFAO.. and for reference purposes LMFAO stands for Laughing My F#$%!#@ Ass Off… XD).


I can recall that the living part actually started way  back in high school. This was a period in my life where i was first introduced to the world (.. the making of the legend..haha..  XD).. I guess I won’t go into any more details on that one for the reason that some readers might think of my beginnings as lewd and obsecene.. Nyahahaha…


And for the love~ing part… Err.. this story is starting to get on my nerves so i guess i’m gonna skip this part so we can avoid all the frickin drama and my incredibly longwinded, melodramatic, and sorta bitchy stories (love life?! Pfft!! Hahaha) hmm..


And finally, the losing part (this is probably the only part that i’m gonna spill the beans on… Haha…)… This part pretty much happened by the time i had to go college.. so go figure.. i’ve lost pretty much everything. i’ve lost my friends, my social life, and MY MOJO!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! (T_T) haha.. But seriously, with all the work that i’ve been doin’, i’ve kinda lost my sense of.. .. umm.. Me.. Just so you guys know, i’m not putting all the blame on college for F~ing up my life. I actually owe that honor to myself. I pretty much screwed up everything in my life… i made a lot of bad decisions… i was pretty indecisive with the stuff that really mattered… and frickin’ passive when the window of opportunity was wide open and all that was left was for me to jump in… (i guess i’m pretty lame.. Haha.. XD).

And that my friends, pretty much covers the sad part of my life (i’m a pretty self-conceited SoB don’t you think? XD). During my four years in college (going on 4 actually…) i was slowly beginning to forget who i was (my high school rep included.. Haha..). My rep during high school was pretty much a big factor in my life for the reason that a lot more people knew me as the legend rather than just plain ‘ol me. Even though my rep wasn’t something to be proud of at least it painted a somewhat descent picture of who i was (XD)… In a few words.. I was.. an ass.. a jerk.. and something else (by “something else” i mean the part of my rep that precedes me everywhere i go.. Its pretty much what other people think of me before they’ve actually met me.. I was really surprised that my rep had blown up in college.. and i was hoping to get a blank slate to rewrite myself.. Damn it.. Haha…) And if you’re curious about that Something Else part of my rep then feel free to take your time.. and think really really hard.. you could even ask a few of the people who know me..

Here’s a clue.. some say that that part of me was pretty much who i am.. Haha..

And now (I’m just skipping a few chapters ahead… Coz i’m pretty sure you’d want me to put a sock in it by now.. Haha)… i’m only a few months away from finishing my formal education (hopefully.. Haha..)..

And that would probably have to be the time when i actually have to start living… for real this time… Ü

I’m really hoping that i don’t repeat the mistakes i’ve made in the past.. I guess i’m pretty stubborn haha..

… … …

I know that i’ve already ended this entry with something cheezy but i can’t resist giving off another cheezy line that makes you sick.. haha… So here goes…

“i will live…i will love… and i sure as hell won’t lose… anything!!!”

—Lame and CHEEZY~er!!! Nyahaha!!! (0_0)


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