Weigh the Cost

I’ve always found it hard to make decisions that require a lot of thought.. and in my pondering for the perfect choice, I have devised a method by which life or death situations may be resolved in a matter of seconds.. seriously..
Haha.. XD


Could this method be..

A scientifically proven process???

» » » No..

A rational problem solving method???

» » » » » Not even close..


» » » » » » » HELL YEEESSSS!!!!! Hahaha…

This intriguing method, which i have devised, is a little something which I would like to call “Weigh the Cost”. It’s simple really. All you have to do is hold out both your palms at the same level and put each side of the opposing conflict in each hand. Then lay out all their pros and see which hand holds the most weight… then VOILA!!!… Problem solved!!!

Hmm.. I know what you’re thinking.. XD..

“What if both hands hold the same weight?”..

That’s pretty simple.. here’s where this method works its magic.. (0_o)

When both hands bear the same weight… HOLD that position until one hand gives in… and VOILA!!!… Problem solved!!! Haha..

Note: this method is great when trying to choose between two girls (a very, very, very hard decision.. and sometimes i really wish that i had more than 1 set of hands.. XD)… Because of this method… my life got a whole lot easier.. haha..

… … …

Again, this blog may contain figments of the author’s thoughts and imagination that do not directly correlate with his state of mental health… You, as the reader, are always free to oppose or contradict the author’s methods in expressing his thoughts for the reason that I doubt that he would pay attention to whatever you have to say.. haha… (0_o)

Hmm.. referring to myself in the third person is kinda cool… haha.. (0_o)


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