To the Woman I Married

To the Woman I Married

Thirty years have come and gone
Our petty quarrels were left undone
Through the sand and stones of time
My dearest spouse, I’ll speak in rhyme

Though dimples fade
And wrinkles last
Love has flourished through the past

And as my teeth begin to wither
A smile on my face remains forever
Try as I may I can never forget
A love so solemnly I have kept

As seasons come and go
Chance was given for a love to grow
For thirty years we believed in come what may
I still remember you on that very day

From that simple “I do” that changed my world
Funny to think that your ex-boyfriend hurled

Know that forever I will hold true
To an eternity I have spent loving you
And as our youth slowly fades away

Know that I’ll be here to stay

… … …

i found this piece while i was trying to clean out the junk files in my laptop… i think this was my english homework from when i was in my freshman or sophomore year haha…



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