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Pride is neither a sin nor a wrong. I am truly aware that this may be held to contest, but my faith resides on the principle that pride is merely a means to preserve one’s dignity. And although it has often been tantamount to arrogance, not many are aware that pride can be viewed as a manner of discovering one’s self.

To have pride suggests that you are able to discern your individuality. And that you assert your individuality with a strong conviction that you are not as weak or as unintelligible as you assumed yourself to be.  But when pride is coupled with even just a hint of narcissism, this pride will be defunct with rare occasions for amendment.

Fault could be found in one’s pride when others feel that their pride has been overshadowed. This conflict is a natural occurrence among people, and so long as people seek to define themselves, this conflict will continue to exist as they pursue their own truths even when opposed to the truths of others. With this in mind, you would conclude that overlapping prides is nothing more than human nature. And if suppose you would like to end this hollow charade… you would be suggesting an end to what we would call our humanity.

People fight each other not because of their differences but simply because it’s their ill-mannered nature. As cynical as I may come across, that fact of the matter is… playing the bad guy is a helluva LOT easier than playing the role of a saint. And if you would like to prove me wrong then please do so and answer these two queries… “why is that most people choose violence as answer to conflict?”… and “why would they resort to blood-spattered wars and nuclear intimidation instead of peaceful dialogue?”

Simple really…

It’s easier to shoot a gun than to indulge in long futile discussions…

… … …

“Shoot first… ask questions later…”

… … …

ï’m not really pro-war or anything but I just had a lot of time to think some stuff through…
bum… bum… bum… bummmmm… Haha…


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