T’is the Season

It is yet the eve of another Christmas. But why doesn’t it feel as merry… as joyous… or as cheerful as it used to be? Just the other day I was on my way home a little earlier than usual (sometime around 9 PM~ish… haha… :P) and I couldn’t help but notice that the city lights weren’t as bright as they were the previous year.

The city lights which once illuminated the whole night sky were now reduced to a handful of stars peeking through the dark.

Dimmed and few… what have we left to show for this Christmas!? Something was just off.

Up ’til now… I can still remember my favorite Christmas… Though it didn’t snow (as if… haha…), you could take a step outside and glance at the numerous lights which shone brighter than the brightest star. And even if their sparkles weren’t in sync with one another, their brightness was more than enough to intoxicate you with euphoria. Just being able to bask in their glow gives you a feeling like no other…

There were lights that formed shapes…
(better than constellations… wa~y better… haha…)

Lights that tinted the night with different colors…

And lights which were simply bright…

It’s as though the whole universe was staring you in the face…

And in that very moment it felt like each and every one of them was revolving around you… haha…

Having that scene burned to memory, it’s hard not to compare… But when I came home… I was able to realize what was really important… and it wasn’t the number of lights that could show off your holiday spirit… nor was it the number of presents that lay under the tree (funny… but I couldn’t really remember what and how many presents I got that Christmas… haha…)… it was more than that…

it was family… no matter how you celebrate this holiday, it’d just be waste if you couldn’t spend it with the people who really mattered the most…

so so what if this Christmas sucked?!

There’ll always be another one… haha… XD


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