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A while back i was looking at some awesome tattoos and got the crazy idea that tattoo artists should try to mix in some C4Ds (uhm… for the non-photoshop oriented… c4ds are just 3D renders… XD)… but then again inking in sweet 3D details into a flesh canvas is pretty far fetched so i just scratched the idea and went on to photoshop… haha…

it’s really been a long time since i last used c4ds (and photoshop for that matter… haha… :P) but i hope that this project made your eyes scream out… “AWE-SOME!!!” and made you want to get this inked into your flesh!!… or not… haha…

anyway… there’s always room for improvement so your comments and criticisms are pretty much appreciated… XD

Resources courtesy of:
» Deviant Art
» Planet Renders
» Anime Renders
» Game Renders
» Photoshop CS4


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