On Mercury: You Jump Then Fail

People have a tendency of taking me lightly… I know that at times I put off a haughty atmosphere with a few loose screws here and there… but hey… I’m just doing my best to get by…

In the face of a predicament you’d often find me with an odd grin even if the situation calls for the tense air of seriousness… but I am serious?! Why is that so hard to understand?! Can one really be judged on the perception of others? I mean no one really knows the intentions of a person until he or she truthfully exposes them… so whether I smile while being scolded or burst out into laughter during a funeral… would it be fair to call me insane?

Conventionally… yes… (;p)

But if a funny idea popped into my line of thought I couldn’t see why I should keep it to myself… it’s rude I guess… but given the situation… what are we to do? The sad event has passed and there’s nothing more we can do… by now you’re probably thinking that I’m the kind of person who disrespects the memories of those whom others wish to be honored… but in my defense I don’t see how sulking is any better… so I guess I’m sticking to my own methods… hehe…

All people grieve… I get that… it’s just that I choose to grieve moving forward…

People die… and that’s a fact… the only questions worth asking are when and where… wouldn’t it be great to plan out your death? How would you want to die? Dying is a scary thought… I know… but we’ll eventually have to play that scene… and given that the knowledge of when and where… we are at least given the luxury of how to play it out… (and yes… I do have awesome ways planned… and it’s a good thing that most them don’t involve a painful ending… hehe…)

Now… when you do die (hopefully not any time soon… hehe)… how would you like to be remembered? Naturally, you’d like everyone to have a memory of the awesome life that you’ve lived… but do you want to see them crying over you? Let’s face it… we spend our lives living… and basically this means getting through life as happy as possible… of course it wouldn’t be right if we were the only ones having a blast… it’s pretty nice to have those times in good company… so with that said… would you like to be soaked in tears (of your friends and family…) at your own funeral? I guess that it would be doubtful…

So whenever I shoot a smile at a funeral every now and then realize that I’m doing so because I remembered that I was a part of the life that the recently deceased once lived… and that I’m glad to have helped that person growing up ’til the very end… but I’m even happier that even after passing, that person would still want me to live on… even if means living on without them…

… … …

“Sometimes you have to die twice before you can say that you’ve truly lived”


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