Sleep and the Lack Thereof

Yesterday, I woke up from a good dream, awesome even. Now, I find myself awake at 3 am, unable to find my sleep and unable to find something to do that’s considerably worthwhile.

Eventually, after 30 minutes or so, I realize that I’ve just been staring at the screen… and that my eyes hurt…

I wanted to do something… something a lot more interesting than staying up late and raiding the fridge for what appears to be cake (note: it looks good but kinda smells though… ahhh… wth… hehe)…

In the end I was reminded of something… I think it dates back to about 4-5 years ago but I guess its better than trolling vids… (man I’m getting old..)

Even so, having found out that it was still online was awesome. Seeing as it was product of yours truly back in the day (ugh… I’m beginning to sound like an old man too.. Pffft! ). It was supposed to be a project that kept a database of students which was probably going to be used to track us after we got out of high school… well that was the original project…

Instead, we tweaked out a message board and pawned it off as the project. It was approved and we graduated… simple (>:3)…

The board was originally intended to keep the group together after high school. But after a while we decided… “why stop there?”… Soon enough we found ourselves hosting relevant discussions on how to end world hunger and finally unite the world in peace.. We were seriously ahead of our time… :P

But more importantly, we were probably the only board to ever hit the 30,000 post mark solely on SPAM… hahaha

Introductions aside, looking back on what went on in our heads at the time was fun… what amused me the most was that what we did for kicks didn’t necessarily have a great deal of depth.  And the interesting part was that they were funny despite the lack of it, depth I mean.

The fascinating thing about our friendships / relationships is that we don’t really need a concrete connection to understand and get along with one another. So how do we do it?! We really don’t know exactly. We just do… I guess that we’re just that awesome… lol…

The thing is. Most people define their relationships with the number of memories that they have had. Well that’s partially true… but if we’re talking about facts, then in all honesty I believe that memories will eventually fade. Even if you were lucky enough to remember, you’re probably going to recall only the big ups and downs. Well that’s good, but how about the in-betweens? Though its good to have your friends on every hill and valley in your life, the awesome-est friendships that you could ever have are those that stuck around and saw the whole thing through.

So how do we define these relationships then?!

The number of photos? Laughs caught on video? If you were given those answers, would you feel satisfied? Guess not.

To be fair, I don’t really have a solid answer either… but I can give you my best guess…

And its that the people who’re awesome enough to be called our friends aren’t our friends just because we spend a lot of time with them. They are… simply because they give us a good feeling…  (of course that would also depend of your definition of good… :3)… and you’ll realize that whatever memories you’ve shared… were only details… ;3

 … … …

Oh… and if you were curious bout the dream I had mentioned…

I guess that’s a story for some other time…


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