To Be or Not To Be, Why Not Both?

Have you ever heard of “Schrodinger’s Cat”? If not, let me try and give you as brief of an overview as I can.

First of all, “Schrodinger” would be an awesome name for a cat (right?!). Otherwise, it really didn’t matter what his name was (haha).

“Schrodinger’s Cat” is a reference to a thought experiment wherein if the said cat were to be placed inside a bunker along with an explosive that had a 50/50 chance of going off, and without looking inside the bunker, determine whether or not the cat has met its demise.

Take note, that to avoid any wise cracks that may come from people implying the logic that “if the bomb did go off, you would’ve at least felt a tremor through the walls”, I’ll just go ahead and say that the entire bunker is reinforced with 10 ft thick concrete walls lined with Adamantium railing double coated in semi-liquefied Vibranium therefore making any method of detonation detection from outside the bunker irrelevant and implausible (I’m neither a seismologist nor an expert in acoustics, in short… :P … hahaha).

Well, it was either that or a biochemical nerve gas that paralyzes your entire body that causes you to lose vital functions inclusive of spontaneous respiration and the production of heart beats (which we all probably know are required for both humans and felines to carry out the natural phenomena that we all like to call “life”… :3) – you decide… haha

Okay, back to  making a point…

Did the cat:

a) Roll over and go belly up for all eternity


b) Jump at you after opening the bunker hatch for making it sit through a whole day of nothing (implying that the cat is alive… duh)

At the time of contemplation, both answers are inherently true.

But in reality, there can only be one. The cat is either alive or deceased. In the negative sense, it would also be true that “the cat is neither alive nor deceased”. It can only be one or the other, primarily because reality only comes into fruition once it has been observed to be true.

Ergo, the singular conclusion that you would have to agree with is to “go and see it for yourself”.

Now comes the dilemma.

You never actually get the chance to open the bunker.

~ END :3


No such felines or any other animals have been harmed during the production of this piece nor does the author have access or knowledge to the location of the cited fallout bunker and is in no means in possession of bombs or biochemical nerve gases that may be affiliated with acts of terrorism. This piece is entirely a product of the authors ingenuity and is no means related to objects, persons, animals, places, or events (past, present, and future) which may hold semblance in real life. Any similarities will be held as coincidences and in no way will the author hold any liability on any claims made.

The purpose of this piece was merely to entertain and to conduct another thought experiment to see whether or not people still have nothing else better to do than to read this blog and mess with their heads. ;3



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