No, You Don’t

Doubt ever so often clouds our judgement. Whether it’s when we’re trying something new or sticking with the way we usually do things,  it usually finds an opening where it can eerily creep through.

It’s the strange feeling you get that’s born out of uneasiness mixed with just a hint of excitement then graciously topped off with a fine unsweetened helping of fear.

It’s the prefect recipe for an evening out with disaster, wouldn’t you agree?!

Essentially it’s that fork down the road where you would find yourself making good use out of loose change to rationalize deliberations as to whether or not the path you’re about to choose leads you to where you want to be.

The tricky bit is that no matter how many times you would try to justify your decision, the repercussions will always find ways to break even.

In the first place, why would anyone want to put themselves in a position of blatant self contradiction?

Some say it’s simply an inevitability.

To an extent, yes.

But I would like to believe in something more. Something that would make all the fear and uncertainty seem like a formality before achieving something great…  Something worthwhile…

Doubt is a means for us to go above and beyond ourselves.  To push our limits and simply serve as a reminder that we are human and that we hurt too.

And it is because we are human that we indulge in nurturing a myriad of smoke and mirrors.

It shields us from pain.

Why venture into the unknown when it’s very likely that we can get hurt?

It wraps us in comfort.

Why must we move when we’re doing just fine where we stand?

It blinds us with the illusion of misery.

Why should we hold on to something that’s too good to be true?

Simple, really.

It’s because we’re afraid to be happy.

More often than not we get that gut feeling that happiness rarely comes without a catch.

That’s why sometimes, the best course of action is simply to dive in and see if you float…


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