Lie Like You Mean It

every lie is a truth in the making. whether or not you choose to believe is entirely up to you.

on some occasions, people prefer to hold on to a lie. not because they are unaware of the truth but because the truth may sometimes be too bitter to swallow.

and living in your own fictionalized reality is often an escape from what reality really is – harsh, cruel, and unforgiving.

now i’m not saying that there isn’t any good left to look forward to in the world. it’s just that it’s hard to see the bigger picture when your view is obscured with a huge pile of crap.

i know that a lie will always be a lie, no matter what its end may be. still, every now and then we need to feel the awesomeness that goes along with a win. it may not be as glorified as doing something realistically epic, but hey, we’re human and we need to feel the love (hahaha ;p).

if you’re grossly in opposition to the idea of being lied to, then think about this…

why do people take the time to read volumes of literature?

and why would they wait in line at the theaters for a reasonably kick-ass movie like ..”Iron Man”?


because people need to dream.

and dreams are simply¬† made-up realities, so essentially, they aren’t any different from lies. (semantics… pffft… hahaha).

you can choose to be whoever you want to be and feel whatever you want to feel. but just be careful not to drive yourself over the edge (because there is a limit to how delusional one can get before being clinically diagnosed… hehehe)

and when it comes to lies, it isn’t as easy as black and white. rather, it’s more like trying to figure out which one has the lighter shade of gray (and if you’re color blind… then… you’re pretty much f***ed… hahaha).

but i won’t stop you from trying… hahaha…

… … …

“Lie to me…”