The Author

To get things started.. i’m a frickin’ pig.. Haha..
Its better that you find out now rather than find out later…
i don’t really want to build any expectations that
mold my image into something cool… haha…

To keep things simple.. i’m the complete opposite…
i’m a complete ass with an ego that’s so aerated that I’d probably float into space if it weren’t for the natural laws of physics. Haha… Point made?! i hope so. ’cause i really dislike doing reruns of my long-winded speeches.. (0_o)
if anyone was wondering why the hell did i make a blog ’bout God-knows-what… I can give you 3 frickin’ good reasons.

  1. i’m completely bored and i sincerely have nothing better to do
  2. i enjoy doin’ stuff on the web and tweaking digi-crap
  3. Finally, i love gloating and the spot light… Like i said earlier, i’m a complete airhead with nothing better to do.. Haha

And one more thing (i’d better make that 4 frickin’ good reasons XD) i love ranting.. Haha.. Hopefully my rants won’t get me any deeper into the S#!7 that i’m already in..

i don’t really look for trouble but trouble often finds me (Honest XD)..

i’m also known by many as a connoisseur of the lewd arts.. Haha.. Deep?! Haha.. If you’re not too keen on what i mean i suggest you try looking into those words and get back to me (if you still want to.. Haha)

if by any chance you’re beginning to get the idea that i’m insane.. Then welcome to my world.. (0_o) where sanity is lame and retardation rules.. You’re always welcome to step in…

For the sake of younger audiences… i’ll try to keep this blog as clean as i can to avoid getting the stink-eye from innocent onlookers or getting banned by the server’s indecency or immorality committee.. XD… And if by any chance i do post something as lewd as humanly possible.. Shhhhh…. Hahaha..


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  1. I would love for you to check out a little site I put together for creative minds, called Social Muze! I think you would make a great addition! :) If you wana take a peak, you can access it through the Creative Playground tab on my blog. Hope to see you there!

    P.S… maybe u would be interested in hosting a group/workshop for us??? :)

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